Wednesday, June 22, 2011

nobody who is anybody, originally written in 2010 and never published

I just read about some art openings on a blog, discussing this past Saturday.  I was busy in the studio making a big mess and thinking of ideas. (Actually, several of them were marked "Attending" on my facebook, but I decided not to go to any of them.)

The blog I read mentioned something to the effect that everyone should go, because not only would the art be good, but that anyone who is anybody would be there.
Does that make me a nobody because I didn't go?

I felt compelled to go to at least one of them, because there was someone involved who could have an effect on deciding a future opportunity for me...the need to chase after probability is so pulling when it comes to art openings. 

I missed 28 gallery openings in the last two weekends. After looking at the list and trying to decide which side of town to go to in which most strategic order based on opening times, parking and other logistics we could maximize our art viewing and "running into people" time, I just said "forget it", and only went to the openings and events in which I was a participating artist or had made an appointment: 3.

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