Thursday, May 26, 2011

personifimotion: place and identity through ephemeral process

Personifimotion: place and identity through ephemeral process
curated by Leora Lutz

The invented word, "personifimotion" draws its meaning from the combination of the word motion and the psychological word personification (when an abstract thing takes on a human form or trait). The overlying concept explores ephemeral and time-based movement embedded as invisible lines in the participating artists’ process. The process’ final outcome is embodied in the works through various forms of abstraction. The result is interactive artworks that challenge and confound both societal and creative normality.  

Daniel Brodo:
small boxes blown to bits and put back together for the inquiry of personal expression removal   
Typically, what an explosion seems to express is simply the idea, “No”. 
Penny Young O:
your imagined private conversation is transcribed in type forever and for all to read
What fascinates me most is the short-term importance of each conversation, its budding into form, and quick erasure on the wind.
Treiops Treyfid:
historical account of interventions, performance and costumes puzzle and inform viewers  
I could go on and on. This is really probably one of the most exciting times in the history of humanity.
Steven Hampton:
bad painting is immortalized as humbling, re-imagined still life painting co-habitating with kitsch
My interest is to cultivate a type of “stillness” in the awareness of an unsettling activity about to take place.
Inouk Demers:
writing and field recordings of a neighborhood are set in a fake living room for more public participation
…streams of information both suggest and inhibit a coherent picture of reality.
Timothy Nolan:
the walls will become a temporary site-specific sculpture rendered in tape/line drawings
My work explores & interprets fundamental patterns, geometry, & systems of order which occur naturally, unnaturally, on purpose & by chance. 
We started the first phase of installation today, and man, am I jazzed! Yeah, I said "jazzed" (no jazz hands, though). I miss curating, and didn't realize how much so, until I got in the space and received some of the work....I thought, YEAH!! This is REAL this is happening...AGAIN (and in a good way).

I want to thank all the artists for really digging in, making new work (which I wasn't expecting), and for being so professional. I am especially grateful for the discussions along the way, both personal and art-making related, and for being a part of your process and the reciprocal nature of putting on a show.Thanks so much!

Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 31, 2011    4pm – 7pm   Exhibition ends June 3

Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery; Mt. San Antonio College
1100 N. Grand Ave. Walnut CA 91789, Building 1B/C
Contact: Cindi Orr (909) 594-5611 X 4328 

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