Monday, December 14, 2009

a lonely hunter

so i am still thinking about consumerism, artistic integrity, putting food on the table and so on.
feeling a little out on a limb with the cavemen instincts...the gut struggling with the brain.
mama bear pushing through the crowd.

like i have said before, everything we do is caveman.
we get little reminders each day that we are human.
in what way does making art translate into something tangible that we can LIVE from?
when what is said with the imagination needs no explanation....we feel it.
when the symbols you use Do matter in the collective consciousness.
was your message received to make change beyond your artistic circle?
what sort of exchange do you want to have with your peers?

integrity = free
mickey keeps reminding me "you can't eat integrity!"

(that's us eating food at a BBQ held in conjunction with an art opening  last summer)

i suppose with this barcode phrase
i say that we (artists) are hunting, we are (sometimes) lonely in the studio and we want to put food on the table.

.....even to eat, to grow our own food, we need to get the seeds/cuttings, we can barter, we can somehow gather the bin, the wheels, the potting soil, the water even from the rain....but to manage that with absolutely no money exchange whatsoever?....challenging indeed.

i often say that i would die without making art.
somehow i strive to find the balance between Food and Integrity.....hhhmmmmm, i see something new brewing in my brain.

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