Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insinuated Map...juried by Joan Young

I am flattered to announce that my piece, "Insinuated Map with Sound of Flight Paths" was selected for the Smithtown Township 32nd Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition to be held at Mills Pond House Gallery in New York.
The Juror was Joan Young of the Guggenheim Museum.
Thank you Ms Young!

After a couple of days of consulting, I ended up taking the piece to the experts at Fine Art Solutions in Highland Park. I felt that the raw,  industrial nature of the piece that it should be mounted on raw aluminum substrate - no edges, just completely behind the piece. It looks just like what you see above, but revealing the grey metal behind the holes.

The Smithtown Township Arts Council is a non-profit art education center and gallery ... situated in a very gorgeous Greek Revival Building.
Exhibition Dates January 9 - February 5, 2010 
Mills Pond House Gallery in St. James New York

I hope they post images of the installation online. I am very curious to see how my very non-traditional piece will look in the very traditional setting. The location looks quite pastoral and serene too.
The piece for this exhibit, "Insinuated Map with Sound of Flight Paths"
is part of a series that is indicative of the Map as Object,
which incorporates conceptual innuendos of action and reading that engage in the viewers own perception of place.
Inherent messages are implied with minor clues that are reminiscent of socio-political relationships and feelings that enhance a story.
Specifically, the piece is shot with a 45 caliber hand-gun. The flight paths are calculated by randomly selecting locations from an atlas using the letters s-o-u-n-d as reference points.

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