Saturday, December 26, 2009

passion is a lonely hunter

This small piece was on display this holiday at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, for a show in their Gift Shop Project Space, called, "An Atlas of Gifted Ideas".

It is a small sentence translated into Flight Path.
Inspired by the concept that we sometimes are alone in the studio seeking our passions. These moments can be a transcendental journey as elusive and new as the next-day sky.
Locations selected at random from a vintage encyclopedia according to the matching letters.

passion is a lonely hunter
p: Pandang Endau, Malaysia
a: Acarai Mountains, South America
s: Simonette River, Canada
s: Shunde, China
i: India
o: Orizaba, Mexico
n: Nowra, Australia

i: Italy
s: Sion, Switzerland

a: Avalon, Australia

l: Liji, China
o: Owne Stanley Range Mountains, Papua New Guinea
n: North Riverside, Illinois
e: Estonia
l: Leningrad
y: Yokohama, Japan

h: Harbor Grace, Canada
u: Uganda
n: Northcote, Australia
t: Tlahuac, Mexico
e: Egypt
r: Roanne, France

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"An Atlas of Gifted Ideas" was curated by Shaw Osha -- here is the call to artists:
An atlas is usually a collection of maps, charts and tables, most commonly of the earth’s geography, but there are also atlases of the solar system, moons and planets and things further out. In the end, an atlas is a collection of visual material and text on any subject of interest. Atlas is the brother of Prometheus. Prometheus plays with fire and Atlas has to hold up the skies; he creates space and separates the divine from everyday experience; his duty is not to mix up things and to keep the overview. Our atlas consists of a selection of ideas, sent to us by people we know and others we don’t, from Seattle, Missoula and Berlin — poems, drawings, photographs, xeroxes and essays. We kindly invite you to visit this black and white constellation.

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