Thursday, February 18, 2010

altruism is key

It may not be enough to just create a thing, and the mere intrinsic value of showing/putting it out there. But rather, how can we create something that goes above and beyond the thought left/shared?

Create a Tangible thing that you Give which prompts the viewer to create.
Not just yours.(ownership because you "like" it).

Related Reading:
Newly published research suggests that, at least in the business world, the link between inspiration and ingenuity is strengthened by focusing on the needs of others.

The Necessity of Others is the Mother of Invention: Intrinsic and Prosocial Motivations, Perspective-Taking, and Creativity

Authors: Adam M. Grant, James Berry

Abstract: Although many scholars believe that intrinsic motivation fuels creativity, research has returned equivocal results. Drawing on motivated information processing theory, we propose that the relationship between intrinsic motivation and creativity is enhanced by other-focused psychological processes. Perspective-taking, as generated by prosocial motivation, encourages employees to develop ideas that are useful as well as novel. Across three studies, using both field and lab data, prosocial motivation strengthened the association between intrinsic motivation and independent creativity ratings. In our second and third studies, perspective-taking mediated this moderating effect. We discuss theoretical implications for creativity and motivation.

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