Friday, March 21, 2008

INTRODUCING: Project Journalism Revisited 2008

INTRODUCING: Project Journalism Revisited 2008 (PJR)
This is an unprecedented and new kind of creative writing project never before seen or utilized in galleries.

It will conceptually take on the quasi-guise of art reviews, and take into consideration editorial relevance to galleries and artists in the context of the art media as we know it.
It will give art audiences and commentators an opportunity to read completely unedited, candid and inside editorial essays on Gallery Revisited and its current artists being shown in the Main Gallery.

I am extremely excited to launch yet another avant garde concept here. I take great joy in composing weird and imaginative press releases for the gallery. These have resulted in some really great press the gallery and I thank all the reviewers who have ventured in foot and applied the pen to our shows. I feel a symbiotic relationship exists between the writing I presented to them, and in turn the writing that is created for us.

The media aspect of the gallery "system/world" is both fascinating and frustrating. I get a special flutter in my gut when I hear the "key to getting a review" talk as well as the talks wherein discredit is given to some periodicals and the credibility given to others.

I am equally thankful, grateful and proud for all of the diverse press the gallery and artists have had in the last 4 years, and so are the artists I work with.
Leaving an indelible and personal mark is just as important as wanting results in the form of a review. - Leora Lutz

Stacy Elaine Dacheux is the invited author for the PJR essays.

She is highly influenced by the concept of “New Journalism,” which emerged in the 1960s, where the reporter’s lens shifted into a more artfully nuanced and subjective speed. This form and forum opened up exciting channels and adventures in how we see non-fictional stories in print. From the writings of Tom Wolfe to the magazine photographs of Diane Arbus, emphasis was placed on approach, interpretation, dialogue, and environmental relationships. No longer were journalists’ voices forced to be stately omniscient and invisible.

When art is concerned, journalistically, I am interested in the mess that occurs in-between sightlines, personal experiences, and meaning. I am interested in the process of looking, translating, and sharing content between strangers.

Ideally, Journalism Revisited will attempt to speak more so to art experience or possibility than an academic cannon. - Stacy Elaine Dacheux

Please note that Miss Dacheux is in no way monetarily compensated to participate in this project - she is an exhibiting artist at our gallery and her prime medium is writing.
In fact, just for the record and no offense to some traditions; GR has never once paid for editorial commentary nor has experienced a review as a direct result of paid ads or listings placed in a magazine, paper or other form of media.

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