Tuesday, April 1, 2008

12x36 A Local Lens

Thank you to Juxtapoz online and the Lomography Society for posting the 12x36 A Local Lens show -- we are totally excited and you should be too.
Also - for all of you Cubico Magazine readers...Kelly rang me up and they are going to be coming by for some shots in conjunction with a video interview they have posted of Estevan Oriol right now.

Here is the blurb from Juxtapoz plus some added info and extra images.
One of the more innovative photography exhibits will hit the world in three different places, at the same time, with the exact same content, this weekend. Curious? So were we.
222gallery, Gallery Revisited, and ArtSpaceHue present 12X36 A LOCAL LENS, a simultaneous exhibition held in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Seoul, curated by Benjamin Kaplan. Using artists as representatives of local culture, this exhibition investigates the relationship between local space and local culture in three distinct urban environments through the use of traditional photography.
The title, 12X36, refers to the twelve selected artists who will each present 36 photographs for the exhibition. Participating Philadelphia artists include: Melissa Farley,
Dan Murphy:
Ted Passon, and Randall Sellers. Los Angeles artists include: Andy Bruntel,
Michael Hsiung:

Estevan Oriol (Snoop portrait for this show)

and Jessica Robbins. Finally, participating Seoul artists are: WK, Yangachi, Haelan Kim, and
Yeji Yun:

In contrast to digital photography, which has become commonplace and easily mutable, the invited artists were asked to capture their local reality using traditional photographic methods.
Identical 35mm cameras, loaded with only one roll of thirty-six-exposure color film, were shipped to each selected artist.
They were then asked to return the camera and exposed but unprocessed film, which, once received, was developed and printed as an enlarged contact sheet (16”x20”).

This proof was shown to the artist for their selection of three negatives to be enlarged as 11”x14” prints. The contact sheet and chosen prints are printed in triplicate, with one set shipped to ArtSpaceHue in Seoul, the other to The Gallery Revisted in Los Angeles, and the third to Philadelphia and is exhibited at 222gallery.

All work is displayed in a uniform manner across all three galleries. Cameras and other artifacts from the creation of the work will also be on display and opening receptions are held on the same date and time in each city. What could be cooler than that? Uhh, not much. Check out www.12x36.com to see artist profiles, selected works, and more info on 12X36 A LOCAL LENS.

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