Friday, April 11, 2008

Go-About: Subliminal Projects Inaugural Exhibition with Blek Le Rat

We went to the Inaugural Exhibit of Subliminal Projects on Friday April 4th.

Featuring a solo exhibition of Blek Le Rat.

Located now in our adjacent/sister neighborhood
on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Elysian Park Blvd, in Echo Park.
The building is an awesome brick one, with many of the original design elements still this lion in the front entrance patio.

The renovation to transform the space was done in a modern, minimalist fashion with careful attention to detail, such as this simple industrial solution for the floor: a real nice clean space with lots of rooms for showing art.

My pal Jeremy over there mentioned that Blek & Co. had a wonderful experience with the entire process - from communication, to the media and PR relations, to the opening and the amazing audience turn-out.

They were really impressed with specifically - the "American Way" of handling a show, proclaiming that in Europe the whole process is just a bit more complicated and unorganized.
I for one, thought that this was a truly interesting observation by the French artist -- especially since Europe is always being called "better" than the US in almost any way, this was refreshing and sweet to hear.
Speaking of America -- here is Greg Maratea chatting with Mickey about Hilary vs. Obama. I had not seen Greg in a while and was happy to hear he has a KILL RADIO program, "What's Left" - a pun on the NPR "Left Right & Center".
Greg is a fan of Gallery Revisited and owns an awesome piece by Lana Shuttleworth

as well as a Pete Goldlust sculpture from the show Malflourished.
Speaking of collecting - I bought this for only $200 and I am not bragging here...

... I just wish more art could be this affordable.
Blek Le Rat is totally famous in Europe - selling $100's of thousands of prints a month - so this original one-of-a-kind piece was something I could not resist.
Aside from the fact that I immediately fell in love with the juxtaposition of rubble vs. the angel and the way the composition is split in half.
Blek's angel?:

For other reception highlights and a cool shot of the GIANT LONG LINE going down the block for the official public opening on April 5th, check here.

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