Friday, January 27, 2006

artLA reception as I remember it

Here are some notes on artLA from the reception last night:

Not very crowded. Food: not so good. Peach vodka drink - straight up, strong; had 2.
Don't understand the formation of the booths - why not just all rectangle?
Nice inflatable chips bags art. Fun to watch, colorful.
At the Coagula booth; Some Russian hotties said, "What is the difference between these? Is this one color?", pointing to the issue with Liz McGrath.
It is a sad day in art journalism when the audience is wondering if color vs. black and white is the difference between the issues, not that the content is different in each issue??
At the sixspace booth, Caryn has a nice new sassy haircut. She should do well this weekend- in good company: acuna-hansen across the way. Excellent new (2" of photo detail in graphite)tiny drawings only $300; one of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch sold. Sculpture of taxidermy rat with plastic grapes: $4000.
Walked around with Kathy & David Stone.
Dangerous Curve - too bad they are in the corner, but the Narcotics adorned objects by Steve Simon are a worthy gander.
ACE was full of lookers, all work very Large.
Western Projects; LOVE everything they show.
Crazy performance going on in the booth near the entrance.
Not so gentlemanly gentleman bumps into me as he says,"It went all downhill when the blacks came in."
Guy wearing colorful pants, a skirt & weird goggles.
A woman I am assuming is famous with a grey wig.
Heard that one gallery had the work of an artist that was previously with another gallery - but the artist wasn't up-front with gallery 2 about the switch. The two galleries were in booths right next to each other.Ouch.
Saw another similar thing with another artists' work in a different booth than I was expected but don't know the story there.
Overall I think there was a survey of what I have seen throughout the year while gallery hopping. I enjoyed seeing the out of state & international galleries- will note more closely later, but nothing stood out as totally different from what we see here.

More later, as I will be there Saturday.

Note: Anything mentioned here is purely from a stream of consciousness memories as I recalled them.

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