Friday, March 21, 2008

Internal Environments 2008: Project Forefront and Ongoing

Coming In MAY 2008 - Ongoing new work by artists in the forefront.

In keeping with our premise of CONTENT DRIVEN ACCESSIBLE ART, 12 Gallery Revisited artists will engage audiences simultaneously, throughout the course of the year in the Main Gallery.

Gallery Revisited continues to be multi-discipline in order to facilitate curatorial freedom and audience diversity which in turn allows each artist's individual voice to be heard clearly as they stand apart from each other in a single venue context.

Painting - Drawing - Installation - Conceptual - Narrative - Abstract

The following is a list of the invited participating artists and examples of their work.

Paige Wery

Ya Ya Chou

Elana Kundell

Julie Hughes

Jessica Robbins

Kireilyn Barber

Michael Hsiung

Rob Sato

Lana Shuttleworth

Matt Burlingame

Ashley Goldberg

CJ Metzger

In addition, Gallery Revisited will continue to exhibit and support these and other artists' new work in the Salon.

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