Monday, February 7, 2011

Leora Lutz Go-About: Hellos from Art LA Contemporary Fair

In 2006 I had more to say about the fair/s...which made me realize that I really haven't profiled any of the fairs since then, even though I have gone to them every year. After a few hours of writing and looking at the photos for inspiration, I have decided to go light and easy:

I am giving kudos to the galleries that said hello to me and/or talked to me about the work or artists they were showing at Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair last weekend:

Eighth Veil
Detail of Paul Heyer's Truffle BO
Luis de Jesus Projects
Christopher Russell's work from Framing Exercises series.
View of space with Mary Anna Pomonis painting on the left and John Espinosa sculpture in the foreground/right.
L.A.N.D. (Los Angeles Nomadic Division)

Jancar Gallery
Image includes Maya Lujan's gold piece from her solo show at Jancar this past December....I like her work quite a bit.
Also pictured here is a delicious assortment of small works by Jancar artists.
The Winners!
Jancar Gallery and Luis de Jesus both tied for the unofficial win of MOST FRIENDLY (and enthusiastic and descriptive conversations).

Reciprocal Hello Acknowledgements go out to:
Honor Fraser, Brenna Youngblood and Alexandra Grant
Mat Gleason and Leigh Salgado,
Sean Gall,  
Country Club; John Knuth
Graham Kolbiens
Tulsa Kinney of Artillery Magazine ,
Peter Frank,
and Tim Fleming of Art LA Contemporary Fair.

Tony Federico gets the prize for most persistent hello.
(Since I didn't recognize him at first - but it wasn't not my fault! He has a new moustache!)

And here's one for Pearl Hsiung because I like her work and I used to show her brother, Michael Hsiung at Gallery Revisited. (Pearl is with Steve Turner Gallery)
Her painting, Slow Creep is on the wall to the right behind Michael Decker's Anatomy of the Spirit, sculpture. In fact, I pretty much like every show I ever see at Steve Turner Gallery...

Later I will post some favorites...
Hello back to you, reader. Thanks for reading!
Leora Lutz

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