Sunday, February 10, 2008

Leora Lutz Go About: MOCA Los Angeles and Echo Park

Saw the Collecting Collections exhibit at MOCA. In viewing it, I couldn't help but notice similarities with artists that are shown at the gallery.
(Images shown are not necessarily from the MOCA show itself, just referential).
Claes Oldenberg vs. Paige Wery and David E. Stone and clairearents!


Lari Pittman and Fred Tomaselli vs. Jessica Robbins and Julie Hughes


As always, there was some fun dancing going on - but not a fraction of the craziness that ensued when Le Tigre DJ'd the Wack! show.

Later we stopped at Echo Curio - because their openings usually go until's a real free-spirited, free-for-all kind of space. Just a bunch of open call/non juried/non selection shows in addition to lots of kooky bands/musicians booked and theatrical/performance art things, arty shop and such.

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