Friday, February 22, 2008

PIXNIT at DeCordova Museum outside of Boston

PIXNIT recently completed an amazing site-specific installation called
"Folie Que La Nouveaute (Follylike Novelty" for the DeCordova Museum outside of Boston.

Someone recently visited the gallery from Boston and mentioned that the DeCordova is their favorite museum over there so she better go and check it out now....
Anyway, Pixnit did an amazing job creating and installing these intricate floor-to-ceiling pieces that completely transform 2 rooms of the Cafe at the museum.

There are a couple of cool things to point out about this installation that goes above and beyond the work itself:
It is in an every-day environment amidst the formality of the museum environment -
a nice juxtaposition and added irony to the meaning of street art in general.
It is inside - a further point with the meaning of Pixnit's work in general.
It is on-going, which means from what I understand, it is not coming down.
Since it is in the Cafe, it is free to see.
(unless you are a Lincoln, MA resident, then it is free to also get into the museum.)

Here are some nice excerpts from the DeCordova site:
[In doing street installations] from 17th- through 19th-century architectural ornament, ironwork, and wallpaper into the contemporary urban fabric, PIXNIT created an anonymous public art that commented on urban design, decorative fashion, the uses and misuses of social space, and issues surrounding renewal and beautification.

Here in The Café, PIXNIT’s technique and sources remain the same, but are complicated and enriched by several factors. Foremost is her prominent reproduction of a 1797 etching by Alexis Chataigner, which satirically contrasts characteristic dress and behavior before and after the French Revolution. PIXNIT’s imagery also responds specifically to the unique architectural, functional, and social space of The Café itself.
You can read more here.

January 2007 started out well for PIXNIT and lead to some great opportunities and it seemed to all begin with the Boston Globe Interview.
Many of you may remember other news on PIXNIT - the trip I took in June to support her mural at Scope Basel (thanks still go to Camilo):

Then the solo show here at Gallery Revisited:

Since then she did a piece for a gallery that took her to Scope Miami:

Finally - Congratulations Pixnit!!

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