Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paige Wery Reception Highlights from September 15, 2007

Here are some reception highlights, from Saturday September 15th.
Paige Wery solo show.
Paige Wery by her installation and sculpture< "Art Chandelier".

Devon Paulson came by with his baby, Talula on his way to a gig he was doing at Pehrspace....which looks like a cool place.
Devon is aka My Little Pony and can be noticed dj-ing at another year in la art openings.

Paige chats with Christopher Russell. Christopher is a published writer, teacher, and artist. He had a solo exhibition at acuna-hanson a short time ago.

Some gallery go-ers marvel at the materials...and had nice things to say about the work.

Mat Gleason was telling me about his new job as director at Gallery C.

Me and my gallery boy.

A few other peeps who didn't get their picture taken, or the picture came out blurry.
Tulsa Kinney
Peter Frank
Ezhra Jean Black
David Trulli
Gina Stepaniuk
Leigh Salgado

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