Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good News is Good News - Paige Wery Response

Here is all the latest good news about Paige Wery.

NBC news
(takes a minute-esque to be patient)
NBC transcript page
(Dont' really like the title "Junk Artist", especially not after my previous blog on how specific her "art trash" is...come on folks, do you really think Paige goes dumpster diving? Well, I digress...sorry)

Flavorpill, Shana Dambrot
"Like some kind of punk-rock fairy, painter, writer, and curator, Paige Wery inflicts her relentlessly happy-go-lucky gallows humor on thickly painted vignettes."

Shana Dambrot - writer for Flavor Pill, Uber, ArtLtd. and more....

New Angeles Monthly, Julie Rassmussen

Random Nicole's Blog
fashionista extraordinairesse
Fette's blog aka FLOG.
art opening maven

more later...

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