Friday, June 15, 2007

PIXNIT at SCOPE Basel, Switzerland

Congratulations again to Pixnit for an amazing installation at Scope Basel.

"L' E'tat, C'est Moi", (I am the State)
Scope Art Basel installation
13' x 30'
The installation looked great, as you can see.

It was an impressive sight with beautiful skylights filtering in natural light all day and evening long (since it does not get dark there until about 9:45 pm!)

The visual impact was more than incidental, not only because it was 30 feet long and 13 feet high, and visually stunning, but the location was excellent.
The piece was located in such a way that forced visitors to come upon it - at the end of the main first hallway of the fair.

And even if you chose not to go that way, the other side of the piece was in a foyer that branched out to the other halls, had an exit there plus the bathrooms were near by...if you were in the fair, you saw the mural.

Sadly, to the best of our knowledge, the piece will be gone when the fair comes down.
The irony is that this in a lot of ways is not that much different than if she created this piece on the street.

The permanence of graff and street art is at the mercy of business and land owners, city clean up crews, private individuals and even other artists or taggers. When making this work there is a fine line between ego and sharing - being aware that your art, your statement or gift respectively risks being removed within hours.

In this instance we can only observe the point that it was created specifically for this event only, knowing that it would most likely be completely gone and invisible forever after.

Gallery Revisited is super happy for her.
We will keep our fingers crossed for the grants that Scope offers and keep you posted as soon as we have more information.

Also, an extended thanks to Camilo from Samson Projects in Boston for walking us into the Art Basel fair on VIP preview day.
Camilo is also the one who got PIXNIT the gig at Scope. And a super nice guy.

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