Saturday, June 16, 2007

Michael C. Hsiung and Cole Gerst June 23rd - July 28th

For Immediate Release – Los Angeles, June 8th, 2007
RECEPTION FOR THE ARTISTS: Saturday June 23rd, 2007 6pm – 10pm
show ends: July 28th.

Gallery Revisited, as in the last 4 years, is open for art in the summer.
This summer we are featuring the work of Michael C. Hsiung
for 2 consecutive back-to-back 2-person shows:
June 23rd with Cole Gerst and August 4th with Ashley Goldberg.
There will be different work by Michael C. Hsiung for each show.

Michael C. Hsiung – new drawings
“Depiction of the Quasi - Mythical Lands and of its Inhabitants and their interactions most carefully drawn, featuring various diverse animals, uncommon mermen and bearded men within extremely peculiar wonders of nature priorly known neither to man or woman”
Cole Gerst – new silk screens

Michael C. Hsiung is known for his black and white ink drawings depicting oddly realistic tales. Protagonists include Mermen in precarious and questionable situations, Victorian athletes and fancy men with their dead or tended-to prey and hobbies, or the struggles and plights of imaginary and real animals. Antagonists include any combination of these mentioned. Hsiung’s drawings portray scenarios that are relatable in a most perplexing and somewhat Un-Politically correct way – yet somehow so right. His remarkably dry sense of humor compliments his work, making it magnetic and infectious.

“In my work, I illustrate my own imaginative world, a place where creatures of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies, which are a part of our childhood and adult culture, interact - be it warring or not. …These themes are often combined with humor commonly used by those in dysfunctional relationships.” – Michael C. Hsiung

This year, in addition to preparing for his show, Michael has done numerous commissions for swag and t-shirts for Jupiterdesigns at the How Conference in Atlanta. He is also busy with band CD covers as well as posters for such artists as Division Day and Great Northern. Dr. Martin’s will be launching an artist shoe line called Defy, which will feature original work by Michael. The show will have some 2 dozen original works and several limited edition silk screens accompanied by installation ephemera.

Cole Gerst depicts wild animals, nature habitats and urban electrical iconography in this new body of work called “Burden”. Gerst begins with drawings and paintings which are then translated into limited edition silk screen works on paper. Cohesive layers of simple silhouettes are laid in a collage manner, creating an iconographic. Inspired by folk and outsider art from his native Atlanta, Gerst’s work is raw, spontaneous and unadulterated. All are dreamy and insightful with beautifully chosen color that mirrors his influences while being current and at once timeless. These new silk screens present a cohesive direction that allows each piece to stand alone and also relate to the next. More than a dozen short-run new works will be showcased.

Cole Gerst is the founder and the artistic director of "option-g". Cole Gerst has been broadening his audience for the last 10+ years via his signature manner on numerous music posters for popular bands such as Beck, Stereolab, The Shins, Modest Mouse as well as close-to-home Silver Lake posters; Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs for Spaceland, Sunset Junction and an Elliot Smith tribute. He is contributing cartoonist and illustrator for LA Weekly and has an apparel line under the marker “option-g”.

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