Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Gallery Comment Box

As noted in a previous post, we here at Gallery Revisited will be implementing a good ol' fashioned Comment Box.
Not unlike the comment lines here, but then again, not like it at all.

In our Salon, we will have on hand a few forms with questions that you can answer & drop into the Comment Box. Later I will compile the results & post them on this Blog.
The answers will be strictly confidential once they are dropped in the box.

I think that this will be a fun & interactive way for people to express their opinions about various art topics & related issues.
Without drumming up too many cliches, I plan on having an assortment of questions or topics that come up while talking with artists, colleagues & collectors...
The Important Ones.
Not the ones about $2 wine. Not the ones about which shade of white walls should be painted. Not the what is art & what isn't art ones, etc.
The questions are for anyone who feels they have something to say, be it artist, collector, critic or other. (I have a feeling I will have mostly artists filling these out - but hopefully that will not be the case.)

A few I have been thinking of are:
Explain the difference between "art should be for anyone & art should be for everyone."
If you have one negative gallery experience, how quick are you to generalize about all galleries? What was the negative experience.
How often do you buy art, go on vacation, visit museums & galleries, eat out.
Which 3 galleries do you like. Try to describe why you like or dislike a gallery selection without using the words "good" or "bad".

Certainly, I think this will provide invaluable information that is long overdue for helping Anyone understand this business & hopefully knock down some of the Tiring ganeralizations I hear every day.
Aside from, as far as I know, Noone has done this on the gallery level.

Feel free to post some question ideas on the comment section of this blog today.

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