Sunday, April 8, 2007

Limited Edition Artists Books with CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy

CJ (Candace) Metzger and Miss Mindy have launched 2 very special books sets at their current show here at Gallery Revisited.
Artist Sisters: Box of Stories

The stories are intended for kids -- but they are truly ultra neato tales - really cute and adorably sweet stories and rhyme.
We currently have 2 BOX SET versions here at Gallery Revisited.

I do love hand-made and indie books...these are ultra detailed, refined and have all of the completed qualities of a beautifully designed and well thought out artists book edition but with extra bits that make them unique.

Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set:

One book illustrated and written by each artist;
"Princess LaLa" by Candace Metzger
"Teenie Weenie Tales" by Miss Mindy
Burned Wood Box
Signed, numbered and embossed 6" print
Certificate of authenticity from the publisher
Only 44 were made!
$150. each

Collectors ONE OF A KIND Box Sets Edition -- only 10 were made.

These uber sets are so so so amazing:

-- Each box is different --
Featuring an original 3" painting on panel inset into the top + beautiful fabrics
that compliment the tiny paintings, many of which are silk.
The little paintings are of the utmost detail - so small, yet each eye sparkles, each flower has dew...really really impressive!!

The fabric covers the entire custom shaped box including the insides where you will find nestled in place, one of each book by each artist.
To the left, secured by coordinated tabs, is a 10" signed and numbered print.

These boxes include;
One book illustrated and written by each artist;
"Princess LaLa" by Candace Metzger
"Teenie Weenie Tales" by Miss Mindy
An original painting by one of the artist sisters featuring complimentary characters from the books!!
Signed, numbered and embossed 10" print
Certificate of authenticity by the publisher.
$750. each

Here are the different paintings for each cover:
Flower Hat Nat by Miss Mindy -- with aqua cotton fabric

Wide Eyed Wanda by Miss Mindy - with raw navy blue silk with red-ish nubs.

Little Bee by Candace Metzger - with pretty pale olive colored smooth cotton

Astrid the CAt by Candace Metzger - with mauve texture woven cotton fabric

Princess LaLa by Candace Metzger - with dark teal silk fabric

Untitled by Miss Minday - with luscious red silk...mmmm. (she's hot!!)

Princess LaLa - with grey silk - SOLD

Dandy the Lion by Miss Mindy - with dark olive green raw silk fabric

Temperamental Tilly by Miss Mindy - with dark ochre/rust cotton fabric

Spider by Candace Metzger - with magenta linen fabric

Please email me or visit the gallery to purchase...(they are not on the website.)
info - at -
These special editions were produced by Baby Tattoo Books, and I have to say that they are the most deluxe and high quality things I have seen come out of a small publishing house.

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