Monday, March 19, 2007

mystery blog says nice things

Yesterday I was doing online research for the gallery, and stumbled upon this ultra nice blurb!! I can't find a profile on this person to thank them, so in case they are doing on line research on us -- THANK YOU!!

Here is the nice stuff the person said: (with a couple of edits by me)

Down to Earth Silverlake Gallery

Once located on Bamboo Way [Lane] in Chinatown, Gallery Revisited recently made the move to funky Silver Lake. Located in a retail space, the gallery curates innovative shows featuring mainly local emerging artists.
Unlike the cold spaces of more chichi art spaces located in areas like Beverly Hills, this gallery welcomes not only the monied arti elite but a more laidback, younger crowd looking to break into art collecting. Most of the pieces run in the hundreds rather than thousands of dollars and there's also a back room where small original paintings, signed prints, and artist books are available for purchase and are priced between $40-$200.
Gallery Revisited is actually owned by an artist, Leora Lutz, who is known for her acrylic block paintings of the LA landscape. Go experience art in this unpretentious space and purchase a piece to support one of your local artists.

• Pros: Cozy atmosphere, Friendly owner, Great exhibits
• Cons: Only open a few days out of the week, closed between exhibits
[open wednesday - sunday 12 - 6...not closed between exhibits, re install during the days we are normally closed - that's a 72 hour turnaround folks!]
• Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

again, thank you so much mystery blogger. we love you!!

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