Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Music is always good in the winter studio with Balmorhea

Last night, I heard a band that was so gorgeous. I love contemporary composers, and the ways that they take classical foundation and turn it into something that makes it so current, modern and relevant to our time.

Balmorhea is the band that I am speaking of.

I also love this shirt they came out with. I am not one to wear band-name shirts, (more on that later), but I liked the coincidence and the collective consciousness at play with me right now.
In light of winter, and my new residence where there is a huge lack of light pollution, I have been using constellations and stars in my work.
(more on that later too).

Here is a site I found that allows you to listen the music and see what they look like.

I like the piece Attesa, because we were just talking about white noise last night and how I don't care for it.
I enjoy music, chatting and silence the best - especially in the studio.
This piece begins with a shush of white noise. At first, I thought I heard wind, then it seemed that I was in a cool room, with an old microphone, sitting and recording them as I sat looking at the waterstained upright piano.

and i found....fittingly enough - this piece called The Winter

and... the most amazing song is In the Rowans, which includes TYPEWRITER - AND is f&*%#@! GENIUS!!!

Pardon my French, but when you listen you will agree.

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