Sunday, November 22, 2009

Leora Lutz Go-About: Riverside Art Museum and MOCA Los Angeles

I am really working my bi-county status now. (as opposed to being bi-coastal).
Last night we visited Riverside Art Museum - Edenistic Divergence
with Rebecca Niederlander, Kimber Berry, Lisa Adams and Hollis Cooper.
Here are images of the show, featuring cloud installation by Rebecca Niederlander (as well as a reappropriation of her pieces "and now is the time for dreaming", previously seen at the Vincent Price Museum and "family tree" from 2005.

I spoke to her for a few minutes and we talked about site-specific work. She keeps her work after showing it. She often uses it later in other installations, re-appropriating it , picking and choosing sizes, shapes and colors to revisit in other ways depending on the next location. Her work falls in between mess and organized chaos, between rigidity and fluidity, common objects vs. illusion....looked quite magical in the space, actually.

+ additional images of the show.

I enjoyed the scale of Lisa's work. I also appreciated the color and the fantastical place that I wish I could go to some time.

At around 8pm
we then took the one-hour drive to MOCA LA for the My Barbarian museum performance/interventions.
"One Hour Drive??!!", you say. I think that people who live out of state or even in Northern California may find this the most ludicrous thing on the planet. A waste of gas, desperate for entertainment, giant carbon foot-print, that show better have been good, 1 hour - unheard of....but here - no big deal.

Besides, get over it people - we all know we have sat on the 10 to get to SM from Silver Lake in the past.
(17 miles distance).

But I digress!

Besides, I had to go because it was an event that the group I volunteer for is supporting.
Check out the MOCA Contemporaries Flickr Account for images.
(images removed 10/2010, when the site was not renewed by successors).
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