Friday, July 24, 2009

My Notes from an Art Panel

I came across some notes from an art panel I went to in the Spring, that fell through the blogging cracks, but was nevertheless still in the notebook.

Since then, said notebook also survived the entire Sigg bottle emptying out in the bag it was in - although it's all crinkled now. Needless to say, my umbrella in that bag did nothing for this incident.

But I digress.

The panel was held in May 2009 with Edgar Arceneaux of Watts House Project, Marc Allen of Machine Projects, Phillip Kaiser of MOCA and moderated by Edward Goldman of KCRW.

Here are my panel notes:
Social Animals programmed to communicate.
Price for non-engagement.
Shortchanging ourselves.
What are we supposed to do in a moment.
Concentrate on what is important.
Mediation is a space for dialogue.
Direct encounter with the divisions.
Become a part with the work and the experience becomes meaningful.
Conceptual + Activism
Artwork in the shape of a neighborhood.
Question where and how art enters.
Sincere aesthetic advocation of the intentions.
Allowing things to happen that always wanted to happen.
Make action and it causes reaction.
If we keep doing this long enough it will make sense.
Frameworks for people to relate to art in a different way.
Social acupuncture.
Can I buy this?
Buy an ownership to participate.
This thing is autonomous and I can take it and it will be mine.
Viral vs. Ephemera
Ethereal vs. Physicality
Finding a cheap place to do it.
Productive Misunderstanding.

What I thought:
Modern diversity of engagement and accessibility that has a purpose of being mutually (and/or globally beneficial).

Ownership vs. Engagement // Exchanges vs. Memories = Interchangeable x 4.

Panel Series hosted by MOCA Contemporaries. Proceeds from the event fees were donated to MOCA. For this programming and other interesting events, join Moca Contemporaries, click here.

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