Monday, July 13, 2009

Go-About Bergamot Station and Chinatown

Here is a new one for the Go-About series. It's my way of sharing the things that friends/colleagues/peers are doing, living and passionate about.

First stop:Bergamot - Samuel Freeman Gallery. Group show, "Mostly Sculpture (damn it)"
Treats abounded for the eyes and the taste-buds!
Here I show off the pretty jello treat that was served to those "in-the-know".

Inedible yet at once delicious treats:
Everyone got COOLHAUS!!

In anticipation for the opening, some folks thought that this was a little too pedestrian for such a serious group show.

My thoughts were, "Maybe that is the point". Well, it turned out to be the Perfect Touch - added so much Joy and Fun to the event, for all - (including Ed Moses).
PLEASE! save me from all the SERIOUS ART for a change. And actually, from a curatorial stand-point - It Worked!!
I had the ginger cookie with lemon ice-cream.
A few more highlights...
Jerry Thomas & Chuck Arnoldi in the patio:
My pal, Todd Squires STUNNING piece, "Altoid". Please go see this delicious thing in person, you will totally drool!
Jheri Redding
From decadence to de-elegance, the next stop was Chinatown. Into the alley where Telic Arts Exchange resides.
Group show for "The Public School" project series this summer..."classes", engagement, dialogue and participation for practicing artists. Brilliant!!

I recently joined the URBAN PLEIN AIR SOCIETY OF LOS ANGELES. We make art outside. Here is a bit of the show:
Daniel Ingroff drawing- co-creator of the UPASLA is on the right.
My piece on the far left.
Danielle McCullough and Telic folks ... thinking and chatting in their basement location.
My friend/peer/artist I exhibited at GR, Ya Ya Chou translated the sign in the alley above their door:
"Los Angeles County Triumph[ant] Theatre of the Arts..." (I hope I remembered that right!)
Across the alley to a big Group Show at Jancar...some highlights:

Then to Sam Lee -- Apologies to Sam Lee: NO PICTURES! I'm sorry!!
His gallery was packed and the show is amazing. Sam said he "wanted to show the dark side of a summer back-yard."

Perfect, fresh show and a perfect curatorial interpretation of all that is urban, all that is nature, the flight of the norm, the fear and the comfort in all things uncomfortable.
See it here.

Then over to David Salow: Yo Fukui "Future Imperfect".

Needless or necessary to say, the day was filled with tied together fragments that entwined the senses and stated what is needed in ways that make us feel collective.
Art is engagement - it is a participation.

It is not about You - it is about Us.
It is not about objects and the things we make or why.

It is about

Today was about Going Places, stimulating, real, raw, fun(ny), delicious life.

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