Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coagula: Knot Two Be, Not To Bee

In the December issue of Coagula, I have a piece published.
Please pick one up and have a sit-down with it.
Coagula will be going paper-less -- big news in the world of newspapers.

If you love paper, you can still print it out and keep it in your ephemera collection. Coagula is included in Moca Collections, so don't you want to fit in?

Here are some elusive excerpts to entice you to read:

Literature, understood to be the art of writing, is rooted in the Latin word littera which translates as "acquaintance with letters".

Paideia is applied to many teaching theories and is a philosophy-based ethic of learning rooted in Greek advices and phrases to live by, such as "Nothing in Excess" and "Know Thyself".

In current curatorial classrooms, good art must fulfill the rubric. It is an elaborate formula that validates the curator's opinion on what is being expressed in order to come to a conclusion and rate the artists work as good (or plus good). Somehow I doubt that Hitler was applying rubrics to validate his opinion on the art he deemed "Degenerate".

So, "To Know Ones Letter is to Know Thyself", then?

"Random Page Turned to Page 317 of Webster's New World Dictionary (first try)"
digital photograph, unaltered

[Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language
Copyright © 1963 by World Publishing Company, Cleveland, OH & New York, NY]

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