Friday, March 9, 2007

Italian Blog Interviews our artists

Michael Hsiung has another interview! This time in an Italian Blog written by Claudio Parentela.
There is however, a little boo-boo. Michael's show is in June 2007, not June 2008. I hope he is not
getting too ahead of himself, although I would love to keep showing him!

Now, twice in two weeks I got email links from the artists about these interviews, and I finally emailed Claudio, because out of pure coincidence, he is interviewing a lot of artists who I show here.

Claudio has another blog - the same one that interviewed David Trulli and Lisa Money Penny (we have work by both of them in our Salon) a little while ago.

Most recently he posted an interview by another Gallery Revisited artist, Ya Ya Chou. Ya Ya says, "I am a small dot on the planet." Read more.

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