Thursday, March 1, 2007

Michael Hsiung is interviewed

Michael Hsiung has an interview on OurArtSite.

I just spent some time with Michael last night. We are brainstorming some exciting ideas for his show; June 23 - July 28.

It's a multi-faceted show; famous Michael Hsiung drawings with related installation.
In addition, the launch of an artist book with his friend, Kathleen Brzezinski - Kathleen is writing, while Michael does drawings to coincide...together we shall see tales unravel of a most curious and humorous kind.

This is a 2 person show in the Main Gallery with Cole Gerst of option-g fame. Cole is working on all new silkscreens in limited editions of 50 or 100.

Together the show seems to be evolving around some common imagery - animals, man vs. technology, man vs. nature....we shall see as time goes by, how the creative juices will flow.

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