Tuesday, January 9, 2007

PIXNIT Boston Update

There has been a scary sounding backlash to the Pixnit article in the Boston Globe on January 3.

Boston is a very conservative town - like forget about B.H. or Pasadena or even Simi which all have their varying levels of old money, conservatism and nationalism....but I digress.

We're talking one of the nation's oldest cities with long-founded traditions and lots and lots of old money.
The Ether Monument. (This is so weird.)
Plus it is tiny compared to LA. Means all statistics become limited. All options become more likely. Such as a tagger getting arrested.
This released 5 days after the Pixnit article. Inside information has revealed that the bail for Tel's buddy was set at 50,000. Also, their apartment was searched illegaly and they were brutalized.

Well, the city had to do something after the Boston Globe article came out and was greeted with threats to the artist personally and many angry small-business advocates.
Again, I don't think the street art world is ready for a scapegoat or a martyr. Or should I say, the public will not be ready for this.
Flood gates are cracking....

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