Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nothing Cont.

Nothing came to me today. And I do mean Nothing. As in, I thought of nothing, and could not write anything (which means not only did I not write, but I wrote Nothing). I didn't read either.

This is especially alarming because I was supposed to be working on something for a class that pertains to the digital age. Instead, I saw a photo in my book, and then went on the internet for apparently what has turned out to be 10 hours. I have nothing tangible to show for this "research". I feel so empty handed. It's just not the same as doing something else, like making a sculpture or drawing, painting the bathroom, building a shed or planting bulbs. 

Here is some of what I "did" today:

"Negative Space" at Steven Wolf Fine Arts

Browsed the photography of Nina Zurier


Looked at some of my photography


Found some noises online, such as "Helicopter over Beach", "clong" and "TV static". (But decided that TV static is too played out and will go with basic "Sonar" sound instead, and maybe some babbling brook....None of this has anything to do with these photos by the way).

I looked at all of the videos I made recently. Here is one:

This is the image that started the whole (no)thing: Fresh Widow, Marcel Duchamp


previously posted on Where You Are Not, Spring 2012, CCA, "Negative Space" with D-L Alvarez

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