Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michael Hsiung prints

Michael Hsiung and Ashley Goldberg exhibit
continues until September 1.
There has been a really great response to both artists work - and especially for Ashley Goldberg's prints.

Michael does prints in addition to his original drawings.
Here are some right now!!

These very hilarious scenarios of mermen and other unique gentlemen are certain to maintain happy feelings at every gaze. They await your walls.

And look what Michael found!! 10 more of these....very loved "A Man Carrying the Fancy Bird." We thought they were all sold out!!
8" x 10" 3 color silk screen (black white green) with red hand-drawn lines on his shirt. $45.

" A short sketch of 2 mermen planning to plunder ruins with and unfortunate outcome."
$45. 3 color silkscreen, approx. 15" x 10" on cream stock archival paper.

"Depiction of a Man Struglling Against the Giant Worms at Cronos."
$45 9" x 12" on cream stock archival paper.

"Scene in which a father teaches his son how to skin a deer."
3- color silkscreen approx. 9" x 12" on white stock archival paper $40.

"Of what happened to the merman on the cliff."
2 color silkscreen. approx 9" x 14" on cream stock archival paper. $40.

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