Monday, August 20, 2007

Ashley Goldberg Bearded Guy Prints for you.

It's Ashley Goldberg's newest print series!
Lucky for you these cuties are still
available for you to have for your very own and swoon over forever:


Howard (alter ego) in Blue!

They arrived for her show here at Gallery Revisited for Ashley's show
(with Michael C. Hsiung).

19 nostalgic-yet-now bearded guys have graced the pages of design sponge on July 16th. cute!


They are selling like hot tamales, hot cakes, hot sauce, hot houses, hot potatoes, hot chics, hot guys...I could just go on.
Some of these bearded guys are totally hot, and some make me just want to give hugs.

Fisherman Jack with Pink Hat!


Redbeard...(maybe he is Bob's brother?)

And don't tell me that at least one of these does not look like you (if you are a guy), your boyfriend, an ex, your uncle, grandpa or dad....because you know they do.

David Pink Stripes...

Pink Viking!!

$35 each.
They are all small (4"x6"ish ranges vary)
Beautiful matte archival inks on heavy stock white velvet paper...really nice.
Numbered editions of only 10 each - signed and numbered on the front.

Visit the Gallery or Shop Art Gallery Revisited for purchasing.

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