Friday, June 20, 2008

Go About: Skullphone at Riverside Art Museum

Skullphone urban installations are currently on view at Riverside Art Museum.

I approached the museum to see this:

is that a dumpster? Why, yes it is...seems out of place, but I was already aware that
Skullphone was showing there, so I figured it was part of the new installations...and I was right.
I do love the presented juxtaposition and the unnerving fact that a big dumpster is on the lawn of such a pretty museum.
It's not completely unheard of, but it is for Riverside. This is a new modern ripple for them, and I am positive that a ton of general passerby are curious about it, wondering why it is here and perhaps even saying, "That's Art?"

There are things we take for granted here only 50 miles across the county. We see dumpsters all the time and we also see dumpsters, cop cars, cardboard, trashcans and more in galleries and in museums. Not so much in Riverside - and I commend them for doing this new thing. I can't wait to hear how people are responding.

As noted by the RAM press release:
For Skullphone's installation at RAM, the artist has recreated his past street-level environments within Anytown, USA while referencing new frontiers in outdoor digital media.

"An embedded meme":
embedded:to fix into a surrounding mass
meme: a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.

Most notably this icon:

Inside we see these installations embedded in the alcoves of the ground floor hallway, completely accessible and integrated in the existing architecture, yet somehow weirdly out of place in a good way.

I enjoyed the humor in this public bathroom alcove because

it is situated across from the entrance of the beautiful cafe that is nestled in the center of the museum.

uhh...I have more I would like to say about urban art in general, but Blogger is going dark for a few hours soon and I am still trying to close up the gallery later.

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