Thursday, October 11, 2007

PIXNIT is pollinating and so should you.

Boston Based Artist Premiere Los Angeles Solo Show with Painting Installation

October 27th
6pm – 10pm

Excerpts from the press release:

PIXNIT’s 2007 international street-art project culminates with a solo exhibition at Gallery Revisited. We are very excited to host this emerging international artist and to promote this fresh approach to an already vital and important part of the Los Angeles artistic landscape.

This project and exhibition proposes to cross the boundary between the ephemeral urban exterior and the semi-permanent gallery setting. PIXNIT’s solo show is comprised of wall paintings and smaller integrated works on canvas. These mixed media paintings on canvas speak to grotesque beauty and refined excess using contrasting gestures and an unapologetic color palette.

Also on view will be “Flora File”, the on going photo-documentation of PIXNIT street installations. Visitors to the show will be invited to take a stencil home and participate in the project.

Using ironic means of expression, PIXNIT's work transcends graffiti socio-political traditions by embracing and practicing the urban guerrilla sensibility using covert installation methods. Furthermore, the imagery used solidifies the concept of reconfiguring iconic notions of beauty.

PIXNIT made marks this past Spring/Summer in Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Italy. In Basel Switzerland, she was invited to install a 30-foot painting titled “L’Etat C’test Moi (I am the State)” for the SCOPE Art Fair.

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